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Mental Health Awareness Month: Kasper Holm


Hailing from Denmark, Kasper Holm served in the Danish Royal Army as a Private and Constable. In 2004, he was part of the first wave of forces that Denmark deployed to Iraq. Kasper speaks candidly about his experience with PTSD, a mood disorder, and social anxiety, which previously resulted in him spending much of his time alone. 

I do not sleep well at night and have a lot of flashbacks. It can be difficult for me to manage my emotions, [like] sadness and anger.” Said Kasper. “It was very […] difficult to leave active service. I no longer feel that I belong somewhere, and I have lost my identity.”   

The Invictus Games offers a recovery pathway for international wounded, injured and sick service members and Veterans. It provides opportunities for post-traumatic growth, enabling those involved to reclaim their purpose, identity, and future beyond injury. Kasper said if it weren’t for getting back into sports, his journey would have been very different. 

The best thing that happened to me was to get back into […] sport[s] and find a community where I feel that I belong during my rehabilitation. […] [Sports mean] everything to me in my ongoing recovery and rehabilitation. It is my medicine and gives me [the ability] to be a better father and friend, and […] a better person for my whole family.[…] When I am in [good] physical shape, […] my mental health is also in a much better [place] to deal with daily life problems.” 

Kasper first competed in the Invictus Games The Hague 2022, where he competed in Cycling, Sitting Volleyball, and Indoor Rowing. Kasper then went on to captain Team Denmark in Düsseldorf 2023. During the 10year celebration of the Invictus Games founding, Kasper shared his journey from being an Invictus Games participant to now being a coach. 

He attributes Cycling as one of the most impactful sports for his rehabilitation and still rides several times a week. Kasper enjoys gardening, movies, and sports, drawing motivation from his desire to be the best family man he can be.  

I still have a lot of work ahead in my recovery, and […]sport[s] will always be a part of it,” Kasper says. “I have no medal goals for my sport in the future. I am going to [pursue] education as a Cycling coach and use that in my work to motivate other Veterans to start changing their lives.

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