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Reflecting on the importance and significance of Canada Day: Al Meinzinger, President of Boeing Canada


As we celebrate Canada Day and reflect on our amazing history and achievements as a nation, what a great opportunity to also honour those who have served our country, past and present, for the resilience they embody and the example that they set.   

The Invictus Games holds a special place in the hearts of military Veterans and currently serving military personnel globally as it is a platform for wounded, injured and sick service members and Veterans to showcase their extraordinary recovery accomplishments through sport. This global community includes, of course, our neighbours in the United States, who are also celebrating their milestone holiday on the Fourth of July.  

The fact that this year marks the centennial anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) adds further significance to the celebration of Veterans in Canada.  

As a Veteran, I have witnessed firsthand the sacrifices and grit of Veterans over the years. And coming from a family where three consecutive generations have served in the Armed Forces, I have a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by Veterans. 

I am particularly proud that British Columbia will be hosting the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025, presented by ATCO and Boeing. And, as president of Boeing in Canada, I am delighted that our company is partnered with the Games.  

With over 20,000 Veterans employed within Boeing, including many in Canada, I know very well the skills, passion and dedication they bring to the table each day.  

Boeing has had a presence in Canada for over a century, a partnership that started in Vancouver back in 1919. Throughout our long history, the importance of supporting Veterans has defined our company and the community causes we support.  

The Invictus Games serves as a reminder to our communities and to Veterans and service members themselves that nothing is impossible. The competitors show us that resiliency and strength is always within reach, inspiring us to recognize the potential within ourselves and those around us, and to support each other on critical journeys towards new challenges and accomplishments. 

This is what the Invictus Games is all about – enabling wounded, injured and sick service members, and Veterans to continue to take on new challenges offered though competition, camaraderie and sport. Their courage and service inspire all of us to work harder, never give up and remain resilient regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead.  There is nothing that those who serve our country cannot achieve both during their military service and beyond. 

As we come together to celebrate Canada Day, let us remember that the spirit of resilience and determination displayed by our Veterans and service members is not limited to a single day or event. It is a lifelong commitment to overcoming obstacles and embracing new opportunities.  

By supporting and honouring those who have served or are currently serving our country, we not only pay tribute to their sacrifices but also ensure that their stories of courage and strength continue to inspire future generations.  

Al Meinzinger is the President of Boeing Canada. Prior to joining Boeing, Meinzinger was the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, serving as its longest-serving Commander in the last 60 years. 

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